Response stories

Disclosure of the secret of the diagnosis

Natalia, a client of the REAct project, turned to the documentator about the discrimination of her child in kindergarten. The woman’s youngest son recently started kindergarten on a week-by-week schedule. In this kindergarten, Natalia’s neighbor works as a nanny, with whom they used to be friends and who knew about the woman’s HIV-positive status. When this nanny-neighbor saw Natalia’s child in the group, she immediately started telling the other employees of the kindergarten that the child’s mother has AIDS and will soon die, and the child, most likely, will too.

Natalia’s son began to be separated from other children, and later the head of the kindergarten asked the woman to bring a certificate stating that the child does not have infectious diseases. When Natalia decided to clarify about the necessary certificate, the manager replied: “You know what infections you have, you should bring a certificate for these infections.” The woman immediately understood what the manager was talking about and directly asked if she meant HIV. The manager replied that “including HIV.” Later, Natalia learned about the disclosure of her HIV status as a kindergarten nanny from other parents.

After the application, the REActor of the partner organization immediately intervened in the situation. Natalia was provided with psychological help and legal advice and was offered a conversation with the head of the kindergarten about spreading rumors about the diagnoses of parents and children. The REActor also warned the kindergarten administration that their actions violate the right to the confidentiality of diagnoses, resulting in criminal liability if this issue is not resolved within the institution.

Natalia was assisted in drafting an official statement regarding the grounds for requesting a certificate of infection and consultation on the mechanisms for its submission. The manager apologized to the client and promised to help stop such conversations. Regarding the official response received from the management of the preschool, the offender was reprimanded with a warning of criminal liability for disclosing confidential information.