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How to take care of yourself if you have lost a loved one?

The war brought a lot of grief and pain to Ukrainians. Many of us have lost loved ones. Preparing for it is impossible, difficult to perceive, and even more challenging to experience. But even under such circumstances, you must not forget to care for yourself. This is important because it will help you cope more easily with the pain of loss and gradually return to life.

  1. Do not neglect your physical health. If necessary, be sure to consult a doctor. If you played sports before the loss of a loved one, try to gradually resume physical exercises.
  2. Take care of nutrition. Food is energy. By not neglecting nutrition, you will be able to regain strength and energy to continue living.
  3. Talk about the deceased. It’s okay to talk about the person you’ve lost. Talk about your loss with anyone who will listen.
  4. If you feel you need to retire, do so. Cry if needed. Feel sorry for yourself.
  5. Say out loud “… died”. Don’t say “gone”, say “died”. Even if it is hard, pronounce. You have to hear yourself.
  6. All emotions at the loss of loved ones are normal. Don’t be afraid of your emotions. Do not be afraid of strong emotions or tantrums – these are normal reactions and they will not harm you.
  7. Stick to your regimen. Go outside, breathe. Do not calm yourself down with pills or alcohol.
  8. Allow friends/acquaintances to support you. Many do not know what to say, but it does not matter. Their presence is important.
  9. If you are a believer, you may find that it is difficult for you to pray. This is normal. It’s okay to be angry with God, too. Faith can still help you.
  10. Allow yourself evil emotions. Don’t stop yourself from being angry, don’t block your anger.
  11. Allow yourself to ask the forbidden question “why?”. It’s natural even if you know the answer.
  12. Everyone has their own grieving process. It is individual. You can grieve as much as you need to. Only when it’s hard for you, you can’t stand it – ask for help. Contact the experts.