Response stories

Refusal to perform an operation due to HIV status

In the evening, Artem turned to the reception department of the city clinical hospital with a high fever and purulent wound on his leg. The surgeon on duty examined him and informed him that an urgent operation should be performed.

But after the man reported his HIV status, the surgeon refused to hospitalize the patient and recommended that he go to the polyclinic at his residence. Instead, Artem replied that he was not a resident of the city, but an immigrant from the city of Kyiv. However, this and any other arguments had no effect on the surgeon.

The man turned to the REAct documentator and asked for help. The documentator contacted the deputy chief physician of the hospital by phone and reported that the surgeon on duty refused to provide medical assistance to the patient after learning about his HIV status, recommending him to go to another medical institution. By order of the deputy chief physician, the client was admitted to inpatient treatment, and a disciplinary conversation was held with the surgeon.