Response stories

Life after imprisonment

During another working visit to the local detention center, the REAct documentator was approached by an inmate. Before the start of the full-scale war, Mykhailo was in a pre-trial detention center in another city. However, with the beginning of hostilities, all prisoners were transferred to different regions of Ukraine, which were considered safer at that time.

Recently, the appeals court issued a decision to change Mykhailo’s preventive measure from arrest to release on personal bond, however, given that his home is currently located in the temporarily occupied territory, the man does not understand where he should go after receiving the court decision.

Mykhailo repeatedly appealed to the administration of the institution with a request to help him in this situation, but received refusals, arguing that the institution does not have the appropriate resources to solve this issue.

After hearing this, the documentator immediately contacted the specialists of the Reintegration Center for Homeless People and found out whether it was possible to accept Mykhailo for an indefinite period to provide him with temporary shelter. Specialists of the Center informed the documentator about the list of necessary medical certificates for settling Mykhailo in the Center. In the evening of the same day, after receiving the necessary documents, Mykhailo was released from custody and escorted to the Center for the Homeless.

Today, Mykhailo lives in the Center, is actively looking for a job, and is waiting for the soon de-occupation of his native village.