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Fighting for privacy: personal data protection in Uzbekistan

In today’s world, ensuring the security of personal data and respect for human dignity are becoming key aspects. Mansur (name changed), faced with a violation of his rights and privacy, raised the issue of improper disclosure of his status to his neighbors, which led to threats of eviction from his living quarters.

Working together with the client, REActor filed a complaint to the N* Uzbekistan Committee. The staff member responsible for the breach of confidentiality was summoned for clarification and presented with the relevant document on the violation of the law. He admitted his mistake, apologized, wrote a resignation letter, and then a meeting was held to emphasize the inadmissibility of disclosing personal health data.

The incident was successfully resolved, but to avoid further conflict, the client decided to change his residence. This case highlighted the importance of protecting personal information and supporting those facing similar breaches.

Protecting privacy is not only a matter of legality but also a matter of respect for each individual. Similar situations must be addressed and resolved with the protection of the rights and dignity of each individual in mind.

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