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Finding support: Vardan’s story from Armenia

In early January, one of the national REActors in Armenia received an unexpected call from Vardan (name changed), one of his former mentees. The guy reported that he was kicked out of his house after his relatives found out about his positive HIV status (a neighbor saw him receiving ART in the hospital and told his family everything). This left Vardan homeless and unsupported.

The REActor responded immediately by inviting Vardan to his home. He decided to help the client not only by providing temporary shelter but also by supporting him in his difficult situation – the problem was not solved just by Vardan staying with him temporarily. There needed to be a change in his family’s attitude.

In the morning, the REActor contacted the boy’s mother and frankly told her about her son’s HIV status. Initially, she reacted negatively, but after a serious conversation and thinking about the situation, the woman changed her opinion. The mother was ready to take her son back and support him.

 The REActor accompanied Vardan to his family, where they discussed the difficult situation together and overcame their differences. As a result, the boy was accepted back and everyone expressed their willingness to support him in his fight against HIV.

After that, the REActor contacted the National Center for Infectious Diseases and reported what had happened. They promised to take steps to help patients like Vardan avoid similar unpleasant situations in the future by providing them with protection and support.

This story demonstrates the importance of support and understanding in the fight against HIV, and the power of community intervention to address difficult life situations. 

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