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Confidentiality of people living with HIV in Uzbekistan: care for loved ones and protection of rights

The client is a person living with HIV and has been registered at an AIDS center since 2020. He lives in X district of A city together with his spouse and two minor children. The family receives a disability pension and is on the low-income list. One day, on their return from the bazaar, the husband and wife learned from a neighbor that the secretary of the Mahali committee had invited them to a meeting. The woman was not told the reason for the conversation, but the couple’s HIV status was revealed to her. This breach of confidentiality angered them and the couple slowly asked that information about their disease not be disseminated, as it could hurt their children and was against the law.

Thereafter, the REActor entered into a dialog with the Mahali committee secretary. He emphasized that disclosure of information about the status of HIV-positive people violates their rights to confidentiality. The family was advised to contact a lawyer or human rights organization to advocate for their interests.

This story underscores the importance of protecting the confidentiality of HIV status for the well-being of the family. No one should suffer from disclosure of their medical status, and everyone has the right to have their personal information protected.

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