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Emotional fatigue from waiting for victory in the war

When we wait for something for a long time, emotional fatigue accumulates, irritation, anger, and resentment at the lack of a positive result appear.

How to stabilize yourself, what to rely on in moments of crisis and change?

There is a term in psychology called resilience. This is a feature of our psyche that allows us to cope with unstable times, prevent emotional burnout, and get out of a pre-depressive state. This is the response of our psyche to various difficulties.

How to develop this relevant quality in yourself, cultivate mental resilience and be as stable as possible in this difficult time?

  • First of all, start with personal actions and remember the simple formula: nutrition + sleep + physical activity.

Our body is created for activity, it needs to be fed, given the opportunity to recover through sleep, and activate the work of lymph and other body systems through training and hiking. In this case, a tone appears, and the body will begin to look for ways to get pleasure and rest after spending efforts.

  • Plan! Start with small daily plans. Write down all plans so you don’t forget.

Add new activities to your diary every day. And most importantly: write down your sensations in the body when the plans are implemented! Catch the feeling of satisfaction from the realization of what has been achieved, even in small things!

  • Strengthen social activity! Go to the community, and act where there is an opportunity for physical meetings, and dialogue.

Through meeting with people, a different experience is transferred, difficulties are better experienced and digested, and your resilience is strengthened.

  • Memories should have a place, but they can be dangerous!

Remember your past experiences, and record the skills you have acquired in a journal of thoughts. But do not forget to find new effective strategies to achieve the desired result.

  • Look at the world more broadly, from different angles.

Almost all of us have an idol. It can be a famous person or an authoritative figure from your life experience. When life’s situation is difficult enough, stop, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and imagine that your idol is in your situation. What life advice would he give you? How would you behave?

After that, imagine that you are giving a recommendation to your idol in a difficult life situation. If possible, write down your idol’s advice and your own recommendation. Look at the results obtained. Decide what suits you, and what you like. Complete this exercise by writing 3 specific actions you are willing to take.

Each crisis provides an opportunity to find hidden resources and opportunities within yourself that you did not even know about before. Take action and strengthen your inner resistance!