Response stories

Breach of privacy and anonymity

A client turned to the friendly organization the CF “Health Source”. Her daughter Svetlana, a 10th-grade student, shared with the school psychologist that she has HIV and worries that she won’t be able to date boys.

A little later, her friend stopped communicating with Svetlana. When the girl tried to find out what the reason was, it turned out that her friend’s mother forbade her to be friends with Svetlana because the latter has HIV. It turned out that the psychologist told “in secret” to her friend, who was the mother of a classmate and friend of Svetlana.

The client turned to the school psychologist with a request to refute the information about HIV in front of her friend. However, the school psychologist rudely replied that she had nothing to do with it. The client turned to the director of the educational institution and complained about the psychologist’s actions. However, this did not yield any results.

Later, the woman turned to the REAct documentator for help in punishing the guilty person and organizing psychological help for her daughter. The documentator arranged a meeting with the school director and the psychologist, during which they discussed that the psychologist had disclosed Svetlana’s secret, thus violating the confidentiality and anonymity of the client. The documentarian emphasized that the psychologist must correct the situation, even if she has to “lie” to her friend, to whom he opened up “secretly”. Also, the documentator talked about the possible consequences of disclosing the secret of communication and diagnosis. The client, in turn, warned that she would complain to the city education department, if necessary.

The director and the psychologist apologized and promised to help rectify the situation. After some time, Svetlana’s classmate apologized for her behavior and said that her mother had allowed them to continue communicating. Unfortunately, it was not possible to restore real friendly relations, but after the help, Svetlana began to feel more confident in her future.