Response stories

Blackmail in disclosing the secret of the diagnosis

Vika, an HIV-positive woman, got a job as a nanny for a family through an agency. After working for a month, the woman was offered an HIV test. At the same time, Vika was warned that, in case of refusal, she would be fired, as the family in which she worked insisted on passing all the tests. In the end, Vika agreed.

The testing was conducted in the office of the agency’s HR manager, which was already a violation of confidentiality, as well as a violation of the testing procedure since it should be conducted exclusively by a medical professional. When the manager saw the positive result of the HIV test, Victoria was fired without payment of wages for the month worked.

After that, the client turned to the friendly organization “Positive Women” for help. She was offered two options for reaching an agreement with the agency on the payment of the earned money. However, Vika refused due to blackmail by the HR manager. After all, the latter threatened that they would notify all agencies about the woman’s HIV-positive status, as well as write a police report against her.

When the REAct documentator heard about this, she immediately scheduled a one-on-one consultation with Victoria to discuss an action plan to resolve the situation. The woman, accompanied by a documentator, sent a complaint to the management of the agency regarding the selection of nannies and wrote a statement to the police about forcing disclosure of the secret of the diagnosis and blackmail. After that, the head of the agency apologized to the client for the actions of her subordinate, who was fired after some time. Currently, the client receives psychological, humanitarian, and financial assistance from the specialists of the “Positive Women” organization.