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Denial of access to specialized medical services for a woman living with HIV in Kazakhstan

Alla (name changed), a woman living with HIV, faced serious violations of her access to health services and rights. She was diagnosed with HIV 14 years ago and recently went to a public polyclinic to seek help for increasing symptoms of depression. However, she was denied access to a psychotherapist and appropriate medication.

Alla’s rights were violated by the medical staff of the polyclinic, namely the therapist in charge, who denied her the necessary examination and treatment. Such behavior violates the patient’s rights to receive medical care and constitutes discrimination on the basis of HIV status.

According to the legislation, all citizens have equal rights to medical care, regardless of their HIV status. Medical institutions are obliged to provide the necessary treatment and counseling without discrimination and stigmatization of patients. Denial of medical care on the basis of HIV status is a direct violation of these rights and norms.

To protect her rights, Alla turned to REActors for help. In response to the unlawful actions of the polyclinic, REActors prepared and wrote a complaint to the primary health care center with a request to take measures to restore Alla’s rights and ensure proper medical care.

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