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Delay in vital therapy: a case from Montenegro

In January 2024, REActors received a complaint from Mateo (name changed) regarding a significant infringement on his right to access necessary treatment. Despite adhering to the protocol for early medication requisition at the designated pharmacy, Mateo was deprived of his essential ART for over ten days.

The gravity of this situation is underscored by the fact that Mateo had requested the medication a week in advance, yet it was not provided on time. REActors’ immediate response involved educating Mateo about his rights and the measures available to protect those rights in such scenarios. It is imperative for patients undergoing critical treatments like HIV therapy to be knowledgeable about their rights.

REActors also launched an independent investigation to ascertain the causes behind the medication delay. Their goal was to collaborate with pharmacy staff and relevant authorities to prevent such issues in the future. In Montenegro, HIV therapy distribution is centralized through a single pharmacy, which is staffed with trained professionals.

Mateo was then advised to file a formal complaint with the ombudsman for patient rights. This step is crucial in addressing such issues and improving healthcare service delivery. This incident highlights the importance of strict adherence to medical protocols and clear communication between healthcare providers and patients. Timely delivery of medication is vital for patients, emphasizing the need for effective resolution mechanisms within the healthcare system.

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