Response stories

Legal assistance to a military serviceman

Ruslan turned to the REActor. He was confused. From the first days of the war, the man volunteered in the Armed Forces. He had no health problems because he diligently accepted ART treatment. His wife has known about her husband’s status for a long time and regularly undergoes examinations. However, there was a crisis in their relationship.

When Ruslan returned home for a short vacation, his wife, without explaining, did not let him into the house, threatened to call the police, and publicized his status to all neighbors and colleagues. The woman began insulting Ruslan, calling him a “spidoznyi” and emphasizing that he threatened her health.

The man did not understand the reason for this behavior, because the woman regularly underwent counseling and has information to feel safe. Most of all, he was upset that while defending his close ones in the war, he himself experienced stigma and discrimination from them. The man needed legal help to somehow protect himself.

Thanks to the already-established forwarding mechanism, Ruslan contacted the Khmelnytskyi Ukrainian Helsinki Union for Human Rights lawyer, who provided him with high-quality advice. Now the man feels confident and protected, knows how to act in similar situations, and, most importantly, understands that he is not alone in this difficult time.