Response stories

Assistance to PWID in prescribing treatment

Ruslana is a person who injects drugs. The girl has long been a client of a partner NGO, as she has a positive HIV status, has been receiving ARV therapy for many years, and uses outreach services.

One day, the mother of a client who lives and works abroad, called the REAct documentator and asked for help for her daughter. When the documentator and the case manager came to the client’s house, they saw a horrible picture: the apartment was dirty and cluttered, and the girl was unconscious and lying in her excrement. The ambulance they were trying to call refused to come due to lack of fuel.

The next day, the documentator talked to the doctor of the treatment-and-prophylactic institution about the hospitalization of the client and prescribing her treatment to relieve the state of drug intoxication. However, after learning about the client’s serious condition and her HIV status, the doctor refused to hospitalize Ruslana, citing a lack of places in the ward.

The documentator later agreed to treat Ruslana in a private medical center with money sent by the client’s mother. The girl was constantly taken care of by a case manager, who brought her food and maintained her emotional state, communicating as an equal.

Now the client is on the road to recovery and plans to apply for an OST program.