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Armenia: help in fighting blackmail

This year brought an unexpected challenge in the life of Zara (name changed), a transgender woman. Together with her partner, she decided to take an HIV test and the result was positive. Instead of support and sympathy from her significant other, Zara faced shocking blackmail and threats. Her partner threatened to reveal her HIV status and demanded money to keep this personal information private. He swindled $1,500 in local currency and demanded more.

Zara found herself in a difficult situation, not knowing how to proceed. However, thanks to the advice of a kind friend, she turned to REActors for help. This was the turning point that helped Zara to reclaim her rights and regain her dignity.

The help provided by the REActor was incredibly valuable. Through competent counseling and support, Zara realized her rights and was able to regain her self-esteem. Equally importantly, the paralegal acted as a mediator in resolving this difficult situation. During the conversation, he explained to the offender about his illegal actions and what would follow if he did not stop.

After some time and after the intervention of the REActor, the blackmailer realized his illegal actions and returned the money to Zara. This case is an example of how proper information, dialog, and mediation can help people to fight injustice.

Zara’s story highlights the importance of the work of national REActors who come to the rescue in difficult situations and demonstrate that solidarity and knowledge of one’s rights can make a difference in people’s lives.

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