Response stories

Violation of a TB patient’s rights

As part of the REAct project, a team of REActors has been working in the Kherson region since last year.

This summer, a member of NGO Ukraine Without Tortures was approached by a man asking for help. This man had an off-the-books job, when the employer found out he had TB, he was immediately dismissed. Then the man went on to seek help from the Employment Center, but they didn’t even bother putting him on records of unemployed, saying he had better start looking for a job once his treatment is complete. 

Once the REActor heard this story, she consulted the man on how to act in this situation of violation of his rights to work and social security.

The REActor personally accompanied the man to the Employment Center, where they learnt that the man’s retirement pension was due in a little over a year from then. Therefore, he was registered to start receiving pension benefits after the retirement age was reached. Next, the REActor accompanied this man to the Department of Labor and Social Protection, where he filed an application asking for financial support as a low-income person. 

Currently, this man is receiving social assistance and waiting for his retirement pension to be granted.