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Protecting the rights of HIV-positive couple in Uzbekistan: comprehensive assistance and solutions

The AIDS Center approached ISHONCH VA HAYOT with an unusual case that became a challenge for a young couple about to get married. In the process of preparing documents for the civil registry office, the two of them were found to be HIV positive. This fact, which was previously unreported, was unauthorized disclosed by medical professionals, causing rumors and condemnation in the surrounding community.

The couple approached the NGO ISHONCH VA HAYOT to ask for help. National REActors provided them with comprehensive support:

– Counseling and information: the young couple received detailed counseling about HIV infection, treatment options, and available support resources. This helped them realize that they were not alone in their situation and that there are many resources for people living with HIV.

– Psychological support: the NGO provided the young couple with psychological support to help them cope with emotional stress and fear of public opinion. This was an important step towards restoring their self-esteem and confidence.

– Peer support group: REActors referred them to a peer support group for people living with HIV where they could socialize and share experiences with others facing similar challenges. This created a strong supportive environment for the couple.

– Legal assistance: the young couple received legal assistance from NGO specialists who helped them protect their rights and deal with the liability of medical professionals for improper disclosure of confidential information.

This story demonstrates the importance of supporting and protecting the rights of young people facing HIV, as well as the role of NGOs in providing comprehensive assistance and addressing such situations.

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