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The case of a doctor in Moldova: the struggle for tolerance and professional ethics

A direct video message by a pediatrician appeared on social media, expressing hate speech towards the LGBT+ community. He claimed that they are unnatural, suffer from mental illness and that their “stupid propaganda” is inconsistent with physiological laws and Christian values. The doctor expressed this as his personal viewpoint, however, claiming it was an opinion consistent with his status as a specialist.

“People who disagree with my attitude towards homosexuals and all this propaganda that goes against physiological and natural laws and Christian values, let them not support me. We have different values. This is my position on ‘nonsense’. Sexual intercourse, in my opinion, is for the continuation of the human race, not for pleasure. Pleasure is an added incentive for humans to strive to have children and ensure the existence of our species on Earth, not for debauchery and pleasure. I will only support humans when I see that sexual intercourse between two women or two men results in the birth of children. Show me such and then I will change my position. Until then, it is a mental illness to me and such people should go to psychiatrists for treatment. Do not allow yourself to be misled and manipulated. If you do not share my point of view, do not come to me for counseling. I wish you health and mental wellbeing,” the doctor said on his TikTok account. He later held a live stream, continuing to express his anti-LGBT+ views for more than an hour.

The organization “GENDERDOC-M”, which registered and is investigating the case, submitted an application to the Equality Council. According to the decision, further action will be taken to review the incident and establish the appropriate consequences.

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