Response stories

The beating of a girl affected by tuberculosis

Iryna filed assault and battery charges at the local police station. The officer who took the statement was dismissive of the girl and the situation at hand because Iryna looked unkempt and untidy, and had TB.

Although the statement contained specific details about the person who had committed the beating, as well as about the witness to the incident, Iryna was assured that the situation did not include all essential elements of the offense charged, and advised to take the matter to court as a civil law case.

The girl went on to seek help from the REActor, who provided Iryna with a list of documents that are required to apply for free secondary legal assistance, as well as offered guidance and advice on the steps to follow, should a situation like this arise again in the future.

Later on, a counselor at law was assigned to the girl’s case at public expense, and proceedings were initiated to address the failure to enter information about a criminal offense into the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations.