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Separation from a child due to war

Since the beginning of the war, many people have been forced to leave their homes and separate from their families. Some parents had no choice but to send their children to a safer place abroad and stay in Ukraine to continue working.

How to be in such cases?

  • Be an example to your child, especially at a distance. The emotional state of the parents is easily transmitted to the child.
  • Tell the children what is happening in Ukraine, but do not make false promises to return home soon. The road to victory can be long.
  • Talk about the emotions together. This will help to cope with stress and reduce anxiety.
  • Spend time together. If you can communicate via video, try doing something together, such as making breakfast. There are also programs for sharing movies at a distance. It is the support of parents that can help a child develop psychological resilience.

Try not to lose touch with the child, communicate, talk about the day’s events, and provide support, even if it is virtual.

The important thing to remember is that every day brings us closer to victory, so we will soon be able to hug our loved ones and be safe.