Response stories

Self-confidence is the main element of a happy life

Oksana lived with an HIV-positive man in a civil marriage for almost 10 years. She gave birth to 2 children from this man. Unfortunately, after some time, the woman also fell ill with HIV infection. Due to the untimely detection of the disease, she also infected the child. Later, the man left the family and went to another woman. And when Oksana told about her intentions to file for alimony, her husband began to blackmail and threaten her.

As soon as Oksana began to take the first steps regarding the registration of alimony, the husband began to show physical violence. When the couple met, he immediately started a fight, then hit the woman in the face, then even pulled out her hair. Oksana felt defenseless and also had complexes due to HIV disease: she did not accept herself and felt fear and shame.

When Oksana turned to the REAct documentator, she was immediately provided with psychological support and the necessary information regarding the protection of her rights and freedoms. Later, the woman realized that she should not be silent! She underwent a treatment session with a psychologist, due to which her condition changed radically.

So far, Oksana has been forwarded to the paralegal of the “Positive Women” organization, who accompanied her to the police station, where a statement was made against the abuser, and additional meetings with a psychologist were scheduled to eradicate this lack of self-perception. Oksana’s husband was afraid of the consequences and stopped bothering the client. Today she is completely different: she is confident in herself and continues to live life to the fullest.