Response stories

Resolving сounseling сhallenges in the OST program in Montenegro

At the begining of the year, REActors received a complaint from Luka (name changed) regarding the insufficient psychological counseling provided in the OST program. Luka’s primary concerns were the infrequent and brief sessions with the psychologist, along with the distracting environment in the overcrowded waiting area. He believed these conditions detracted from the quality of care he was entitled to.

Following up on Luka’s complaint, REActors’ team collaborated with the psychiatric clinic to evaluate the situation. The clinic’s psychiatric staff acknowledged the operational difficulties, noting the challenge of serving a large client base while ensuring personalized psychological support.

To address this issue, REActors offered Luka access to their counseling center, associated with the day center forpeople, who use psychoactive substances. This solution ensures that Luka receives the necessary psychological support in a more conducive environment, coordinated with the psychiatric clinic, thereby providing a tailored approach to meet his needs within REActors’ service framework.

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