Response stories

Refusal to treat an internally displaced person

Dmytro asked the REAct documentator to help him get medical help and an examination from a phthisiologist. The man said that he had tuberculosis and was being treated in his region before the war, but after moving he wanted to continue the therapy and receive the necessary drugs.

When Dmytro applied directly to a phthisiologist at his new place of residence, he refused referring to the client’s internally displaced status due to the hostilities in the country.

The Project documentator visited the doctor and explained to him that despite the fact that the client is an IDP and does not have a referral from a family doctor for tuberculosis examination and treatment, he still has the full right to receive treatment at his current place of residence.

The documentator provided Dmytro with initial legal advice and provided assistance in obtaining a certificate for an internally displaced person. Later, on the basis of the received certificate, a referral was taken from the family doctor on duty, after which the phthisiologist diagnosed and provided the necessary drugs for further treatment to the client.