Response stories

Refusal to take a blood sample because of the client’s past

Nadia came to the family doctor for a referral for a blood test. The laboratory was crowded, and the woman had to stand in a long line. When the client entered the blood collection room, the nurse saw the condition of Nadia’s veins and asked why they were in such a bad condition. The woman replied that she had been a user of injectable drugs in the past.

When the nurse heard this, she began to get nervous, raise her voice, and refuse to take blood for tests, arguing that she should not take blood from “AIDS patients”. The client left the laboratory in tears and could not pass the necessary analysis.

In a nervous state, Nadia called the REActor and told her about this terrible story that happened to her in the laboratory. The documentator immediately booked her for a consultation with a psychologist to improve and stabilize her psycho-emotional state. After that, the documentartor accompanied the client to the head doctor of the polyclinic where the incident occurred. After finding out the case’s circumstances, Nadia made the necessary analysis and received apologies for the situation.

Later, in the medical institution, a meeting was held with the medical staff on the topic of tolerance when communicating with patients and ways of transmitting HIV infection. The nurse who insulted the client was reprimanded.