Response stories

Disclosure of orientation information

Artem lived with his father, and they were both members of the Evangelical Church. Some anonymous person found out about the boy’s sexual orientation and informed the pastor of their community about it. As soon as the pastor heard this, he immediately offered Artem to renounce his boyfriend and change his orientation to “normal”. In the opposite case, he threatened to spread information about the “activities of the boy” to the whole community.

Artem did not agree to the ultimatum and therefore everyone learned about his preferences and tastes. When the client’s father heard about this, he kicked his son out of the house, humiliating and insulting him at the same time.

Having learned that the client is in such a difficult situation, the REActor provided Artem with psychological support and offered the boy to stay with him for a few nights while looking for options where he could be accommodated. A little later, he found the contacts of an LGBT shelter, which accepted the boy and allowed him to stay until he found separate housing.