Response stories

Refusal to provide temporary housing to an HIV-positive person

After the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine, the city of Ivan was occupied. The man was forced to move to the Kirovograd region to his relatives. There he received the status of an internally displaced person (IDP).

He was later offered a job in Kryvyi Rih, but Ivan did not have the funds to rent housing. Therefore, the man decided to turn to a local organization that deals with the selection of free housing for IDPs. During the conversation, he asked that the dormitory where he would be accommodated was near the hospital. After all, Ivan needs to receive ART regularly. After that, the employee of the organization replied that he would not be able to provide the necessary services because the man was allegedly registered as an IDP in another area.

Ivan then turned to the REAct documentator, who provided legal advice on the incident, explained the intricacies of obtaining services for IDPs, and helped draft a complaint against the employee of the organization. On the same day, together with the documentator, Ivan visited an institution where the man was provided with temporary housing despite his place of registration as an IDP.