Response stories

Refusal to perform an operation due to HIV status

Yulia applied to a private hospital for a planned operation to remove the gallbladder. The doctor with whom she previously agreed and who admitted the woman informed her that HIV testing is mandatory. At that time, Yulia admitted that she was HIV-positive, was receiving treatment, and had an undetectable viral load, which is an indicator of safety.

After hearing this, the doctor refused the woman to perform the operation, arguing that other clients, if they find out that AIDS patients are served in this clinic, will stop applying, and asked the client to leave the institution.

After this situation, Julia was in despair and lost all hope. However, a documentator from CO “Positive Women” intervened in the situation and coordinated the woman’s further actions. Julia turned to a friendly doctor and underwent a successful operation. After that, the woman was able to return to a normal life. Later, together with the documentator, Julia filed a complaint against the director of the private clinic with a detailed description of the situation. The manager assured that he would look into everything and bring the culprits to justice.