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REAct Project In Ukraine: Registered Human Rights Violations of HIV/TB Key Populations and Response to Such Violations

REAct (Rights – Evidence – Action) – it is a tool for monitoring and responding to human rights violations at the community level. In Ukraine the system has been implemented since 2019 by ICF “Alliance for Public Health” with the Global Fund support.

To document and respond to violations of the rights of key communities, vulnerable to HIV/TB 63 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and 85 REActors are engaged in 18 regions of Ukraine in 2022.

During 2022, 2,900 cases of rights violations of representatives of the key communities were registered in Ukraine. 2,799 clients reported such cases, some of them appealed for help more than once.

Read more information about the implementation of the Project, registered appeals, guarantees, and the role of the state in the field of human rights protection in the new analytical report for 2022.