Response stories

Knowing your rights is the key to success

This winter, a man called the REAct documentator and said that his friend had been arrested by the police for committing a traffic accident. According to him, the friend did not violate traffic rules and was not to blame for the accident. The offender in this case was a woman riding a bicycle. However, police officers drew up a decision on violation of the rules specifically for his friend Ivan and refused to ensure the participation of a lawyer in the preparation of road accident documents.

The client was informed about the procedure for engaging a lawyer at the expense of the state and provided the contact details of the Regional Center for the provision of free secondary legal assistance in the relevant region in order to directly find out the possibility of appointing a lawyer at the expense of the state independently. In addition, the rights and obligations of the accused in criminal proceedings were explained to the man.

As a result, by the decision of the local court, Ivan, who was accused of committing a criminal offense, was released from criminal responsibility in connection with reconciliation with the victim. The criminal proceedings were closed.