Response stories

Discrimination in the hospital due to HIV status

Oksana turned to a local medical facility for medical assistance. After the medical staff found out about the girl’s HIV-positive status, they began to demand money from her, arguing that due to her status, she needs more bandages and protective sterile materials than other patients. Instead, Oksana decided to independently buy the necessary materials and provide them to the doctors. However, for some reason, they did not suit them and the doctors still demanded money to purchase them in their institution.

After this situation, Oksana turned to the REAct documentator for advice and help in solving this issue. The documentator visited the hospital, during which he met with the deputy chief physician, who promised to figure out the problem that had arisen and take measures. In addition, the doctor assured that, if possible, the client will be provided with all necessary assistance in accordance with the protocols of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.