Response stories

Illegal actions of doctors

Oleksandr turned to the REAct documentator with a request to provide advice and help to understand why the medical staff of the hospital where his wife is staying is constantly demanding to pay money and purchase additional protective materials for doctors, such as gowns, gloves, masks, medical tampons, bandages, gauze, etc.

The client explained that doctors systematically force her to buy or give money for the provided medical equipment and explain this by the fact that, due to the woman’s HIV-positive status, she needs more protective medical equipment than other patients of the hospital.

The documentator visited the deputy chief physician and the attending together with Oleksandr. After the visit, the head doctor explained that the medical institution is fully equipped. Therefore there is no need for additional purchases of medical protection and other equipment, so she does not understand why her subordinates take money from patients. In turn, she promised to pay special attention to this appeal, take strict measures, and stop such cases in the hospital.

In addition, the head doctor ordered the attending physician to take control of the patient, conduct a conversation with her and find out who, strictly, for what, and how much was receiving additional funds. The chief doctor also apologized for the actions of his subordinates and offered for Oleksandr to write a statement to the police on the facts of illegal activities by the doctors, but the man refused.