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How to prevent refusal and failure to provide medical services in the context of quarantine restrictions

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine published the list of medical services provided in hospitals during the quarantine. Resolution # 322 as of May 4, 2020 “On amending Paragraph 8 of Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine # 211 as of March 11, 2020” was published on the Government Portal.

The published resolution states that planned hospitalization and planned surgeries in health facilities are forbidden for the quarantine period, except:

  • Healthcare provision in oblasts and the city of Kyiv where bed occupancy in the health facilities assigned for hospitalization of patients with confirmed COVID-19, is less than 50%;
  • Medical care for complicated pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Provision of medical care to pregnant women, women in childbirth, postpartum women and newborns;
  • Provision of medical care to cancer patients in specialized departments of health facilities;
  • Provision of inpatient palliative care;
  • Other emergency and urgent hospitalization and planned surgeries if their rescheduling (postponement) may pose significant life risk.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine confirms that all the healthcare services non-provision of which causes puts patient’s life at serious risk or may result in a critical state of the patient, must be provided in full scope and timely. 


  • Care in complicated pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Care of pregnant women, postpartum women and newborns;
  • Care of cancer patients in specialized departments of health facilities;
  • Healthcare services in diseases requiring cardiothoracic operations if termination (postponement) of such services will put patient’s life and health at significant risk;
  • Inpatient palliative care;
  • Care in other emergency and urgent hospitalizations and planned surgeries, where postponement in providing medical care carries the risk of life-threatening conditions.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine sent out to regions recommendations on postponing planned surgeries and the delivery of other healthcare services to prevent the dissemination of COVID-19 in the territory of Ukraine.

Inpatient and outpatient care is provided in secondary and emergency healthcare facilities. Patients are referred to such facilities under planned and emergency conditions. Patients may seek care without a referral in the following cases:

  • For emergency medical care;
  • If the services of an obstetrician-gynecologist are required;
  • For dental care;
  • For voluntary HIV counseling and testing.

The absence of personal identification documents cannot be the reason for a refusal in referral to consultation or hospitalization or in emergency hospitalization or consultation if indicated.

Vital medications under municipal and state programs must be supplied to patients as scheduled.