Response stories

Domestic violence due to HIV status

Natalya was hospitalized with pneumonia. During the conversation between the client’s husband and the doctor, the latter talked about the woman’s HIV status, which the husband did not know about.

After being discharged from the hospital, the man, under the influence of narcotics, began to use physical force and verbally abuse Natalya. The woman tried to talk, and explained that she had been taking therapy for a long time. But the man continued to abuse the client every day.

Due to the fear of stigma and discrimination from law enforcement agencies, Natalya was afraid to go to the police, so she asked for help from the REAct documentator. The woman was given legal advice and helped to make a statement to the police. Later, the man was summoned to the police station and held a conversation about the consequences of domestic violence in the form of deprivation of liberty.

The husband sometimes arranges scandals but is afraid to offend Natalya and use physical force.