Response stories

HIV Discrimination

Many people become excluded from society not once, but twice. First they are repulsed because of their HIV status and then because because of their alleged behavior, which led them to become HIV positive.

The client, while being treated at a specialized infectious diseases hospital, reported that there was a conflict between her and the chief doctor of the hospital. The chief doctor allowed himself incorrect behavior towards the patient, reproaching her for asking unnecessary questions, and that the patient considered herself too smart. Although the patient’s complaint was that her attending physician was not competent in matters of treatment, and also could not properly prescribe treatment. The chief doctor wanted to discharge the patient ahead of time without reason, dismissively treating the patient because of her HIV status.

Client, received advices on treatment, PLHIV rights, and also filed complaints with the Ministry of Health, the district health department and the Republican AIDS Center. The Issue was resolved. the patient continues his treatment.