Response stories

Dealing with HIV-related stigma within the family

Concerned over the man’s HIV-positive status and a history of TB, the client’s ex-wife would not let him see their child. He was frustrated not only because he could not see his own daughter, but also from the pain of suffering having to face a wall of stigma and insults erected by his ex-wife. His last hope was to find a helping hand in REAct through an understanding social worker (REActor) of NGO 100 Percent Life.

After hearing the man’s story, the NGO employee decided to meet with the woman to explain details about her ex-husband’s condition and shed light on ways of HIV transmission and treatment. At first the woman would not agree to see her, but when they finally met, the REActor reassured her that HIV infection was not transmissible in a household setting. Eventually, the woman changed her mind and the happy father is now actively spending time with his daughter.