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Bosnia and Herzegovina: preserving education through health challenges 

In a world where the right to education is paramount, there are times when exceptional circumstances test the limits of compassion and flexibility within the educational system. The story of a 14-year-old girl with disabilities and her unwavering determination, combined with REActor ‘s intervention and an exceptional decision by the school board, is a success story that exemplifies the triumph of resilience and compassion in the face of adversity.

The mother of a 14-year-old girl, an excellent student, found herself in a challenging predicament. Her daughter had spent a considerable amount of time in the hospital due to chronic illnesses, causing her to miss a significant number of school days. Faced with the legal consequence of grade repetition due to her daughter’s extensive absences, the desperate and frustrated mother turned to REActor for support and assistance. REActor understood the unique circumstances of this case and recognized the girl’s fundamental right to education. He proposed a solution to the mother: to approach the school board and request an exception based on the extraordinary circumstances.

The school board convened to discuss the case, and what followed was a significant decision that would have a positive impact on the girl’s educational journey. The school board decided to allow the girl to attend online classes prepared by her teachers. This innovative approach, a first for the school, would enable her to keep up with her studies and take her exams, all from her hospital room.

This groundbreaking decision to make online education mandatory was initiated by REActor’s advocacy. It not only secured the girl’s access to education but also pioneered an innovative educational approach previously unexplored by the school.

This success story underscores the importance of recognizing and upholding the fundamental right to education for every child, regardless of their circumstances. It showcases the flexibility and compassion that the educational system can demonstrate when faced with exceptional challenges.

This case is a prime example of how considering exceptional cases and thinking outside the box can lead to remarkable outcomes. It serves as an inspiration for educators, parents, and policymakers, emphasizing that, in the pursuit of knowledge and education, compassion should always have a place.

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