Response stories

Assistance to IDP from the risk group

Oleg was forced to leave his home due to the occupation of his hometown and move to the west of Ukraine. The man was placed for temporary residence (TR) in one of the compact accommodation facilities for internally displaced persons (IDPs). During the settlement, the workers of the coordination center informed the management of the TR that Oleg had experienced being in places of restraint. Hence, the administrator of the TR asked Oleg to provide a certificate stating that he does not have tuberculosis or other infectious diseases. Other IDPs also learned about such facts. Later, they demanded from the management of the TR and Oleg that he move out of the institution.

Finding himself in such a difficult situation and without money, Oleg turned to the REAct documentator from the All-Ukrainian Association of People with Drug Addiction with a request to help him overcome such a black streak in his life.

With the assistance of the documentator, Oleg and other IDPs were provided with humanitarian aid in the form of food. The documentator also appealed to the head of the TR and the client’s eviction was postponed for some time.

In addition, the documentator contacted the head of the friendly charity fund “Zachid Chance”, which implemented a humanitarian project from the ICF “Alliance for Public Health” and opened a shelter – a safe space for at-risk communities, where Oleg was placed for temporary residence. On the basis of this space of safety, Oleg is now receiving psychological support, legal counseling, and the necessary help to find a job.