Response stories

Assistance in obtaining OST

The REActor, a representative of the CO “VOLNA”, was approached by a participant in hostilities in Eastern Ukraine. The man asked for help to get into the program of substitution maintenance therapy (SMT). The day before, he had already applied to a health care facility in his hometown, where he received a denial without any explanations.

During the interview, he said that after being injured, he was demobilized, underwent several surgeries, after which he was constantly injecting painkillers, including opioids. Over time, doctors began to refuse him in highly potent drugs, but the pain did not stop. Instead, the man found a street drug to replace medication.

The REActor reached the head of the regional drug addiction treatment center for assistance in solving the client’s issue. Due to his health condition, it is difficult for the client to move, so the REActor constantly accompanied him to medical facilities and provided assistance in processing documents.

As a result of joint action, the client was placed on the dispensary register, after which he was provided with access to OST. To avoid long trips to the regional center to receive drugs, he was transferred to the OST-dispensing site at the place of residence. In addition, he was also provided with basic material assistance – food package, bandages, cotton wool and other necessary materials.