Response stories

Assistance in arranging prisoner’s health assessment

Petro has HIV+ status and has been in the penitentiary facility for more than two years. During this time, he has never had a CD4 count which may result in interruption of treatment monitoring. 

The man contacted a REActor, a representative of a friendly organization “Ukraine without tortures” asking for help in solving this issue.    

To maintain confidentiality, the REActor approached the head of the healthcare site with a request to perform such testing to all theimprisoned PLWH upon their consent. According to the national and international standards, the state must ensure through monitoring of prisoners’ health and treatment they receive.

In conversation, the head of the healthcare site explained that such tests were not performed due to lack of funding, promising to doanything in his power to arrange testing. 

In a month, Petro confirmed that he took the test and was informed about its results.