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Why do people who belong to communities vulnerable to HIV and TB need a psychologist consultation?

An infection in the body almost always triggers changes in a person’s life. First of all, we are afraid of being judged and condemned by relatives and friends. The high level of stigma and discrimination in society against people living with HIV or TB leads to a situation where the people concerned start to avoid social contacts, retreat from the world, and self-isolate. 

People living with HIV often have to experience social and psychological pressure long before they need medical care. It is very important to pay particular attention to resolving these problems. The emotional well-being of HIV-positive people requires a serious approach, because learning to live with HIV is a difficult task to cope with and requires a lot of effort, as well as support and assistance from close relatives and professionals. 

By seeking help from a psychologist who works with communities vulnerable to HIV and TB, you will be able to get:

  1. Quality advice on accepting your status, assistance in developing adherence to treatment, and an opportunity to work through the risks involved, because for any type of treatment to be successful, it is essential to take prescribed medication in a timely manner on a daily basis.
  2. Psychological support and assistance in disclosing your medical status to your partner / close friends and family.
  3. If required, crisis consultation (face-to-face, via telephone, or through social networks).
  4. Quality support and guidance on various aspects of living with HIV, treatment of TB, hepatitis, etc.
  5. Answers to the questions you were previously afraid to ask.

The REAct rights violations monitoring and response system enables HIV and TB vulnerable populations to consult a psychologist free of charge. By contacting us you will get:

  • Qualified help from experienced psychologists in your area.
  • Support, acceptance, and answers to your questions.
  • Assistance in protecting and restoring your rights.

On our Facebook page, you can ask a question a psychologist can help with (via personal messages or a comment under the post “A Psychologist’s Tips”) and get your answer shortly. All client information is treated as confidential, no use of individually identifiable or personal data is permitted (names will be changed). Also, if your rights have been violated, be sure to take the opportunity to get free qualified help.

You can report a rights violation situation in any way convenient for you:

Let’s protect your rights together!