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What to do when the personal resource is at zero?

Many people perceive their own emotional burnout as an absolutely negative phenomenon, unfairly blaming themselves for being lazy or disorganized. The truth of the matter, though, is that this state of “zero energy” is simply signaling the need for us to take a break and re-direct our attention elsewhere.

What should you do to quickly recharge your batteries and get back to feeling your best? Below are some useful tips to help you get back into the groove:

  • Daily rituals of joy.

Stress is not always apparent. Even when your life seems calm and stress-free, daily routine activities and responsibilities take up much of your energy. Thus, the rituals that help you ramp up your energy levels and recharge your batteries should also be practiced daily. A morning cup of coffee enjoyed and relished in complete silence or an hour spent alone listening to your favorite music. Even though we never seem to find the time for those little things, they go a long way to helping us rediscover our motivation and set ourselves up for a productive day.

  • Well-organized space and self-care.

When everything in life seems to be going wrong, it’s critical to regain a sense of control. Organizing your workplace or your home can be a crucial step in this process. It’s important to pay attention to self-care as well.

  • Physical activity and exercise.

These represent a traditional source of dopamine. This so-called “happy hormone”, in particular, has a significant impact on our concentration and motivation levels. Simple and regular physical activities can help you recover from emotional burnout.

  • Love.

This strategy also provides a powerful source of dopamine and opportunities to reduce stress levels.

  • Small talk.

When your energy hits an all-time low and you feel dead tired from your daily grind and the day-to-day routine, a little small talk about nothing in particular with a new person can provide the positive jolt you need to boost your mental health.

  • Dreams.

Yes, it’s not easy to pursue your dreams during wartime – making plans for your future and your life. But it’s this image of the future that often inspires people to keep fighting and win the fight even in the most desperate situations. Believe in yourself and your future.