Response stories

Violation of the rights of PWID to medical assistance

Victoria arrived at the reception department of the city clinical hospital in severe condition. During the examination of the patient, the doctor saw that Victoria had punctures on her hands and, realizing that she was a drug addict, began to behave carelessly, expressing his personal negative attitude towards PWID.

The man verbally insulted the client and did not even register the hospitalization, referring to the fact that in Victoria drug withdrawal and the hospital do not deal with this.

The REActor came to the reception department after a call from the client’s father and on the spot found out the reason for the refusal directly through a conversation with the doctor. The documentator conducted an informational interview regarding the violation of the right to medical assistance and focused the attention of the medical staff on the possible consequences in cases of such violations. After that, Victoria was hospitalized and received all the necessary help.