The results of REAct system implementation in Ukraine in January – November 2021

The international community recognized the need of broad application of the human rights-based approaches and their integration in HIV programs in order to address the HIV/AIDS epidemy. 

The REAct project operates in Ukraine with the objective to identify the existing right-based barriers for key populations to obtaining HIV and TB services.

To commemorate the International Day of Human Rights, we present you with brief information about REAct project results in January – November 2021. 

Overall, 1796 cases of human rights violations were reported by 1731 clients, 87% of cases were resolved. 

Most often violation of rights, stigma, and discrimination are directed at men (1015 cases). People living with HIV (540 cases) and OST clients (37 cases) are traditionally among the key risk groups.

Most commonly, human rights are violated in Dnipropetrovsk (478 cases); Cherkasy (179 cases); Odesa (171 cases), Kherson (106 cases), and Lviv (95 cases) oblasts.

The main abuser is traditionally the state (74%); most commonly, the key group representatives faced refusal to provide care or services (50%) and emotional violence (30%) mainly related to the refusal in providing outpatient and inpatient medical care not related to HIV and TB (17%), and verbal abuse (57%). 

More information about the results of our work is available in the analytical report posted on the project website.