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The impact of war on the rights of communities in Ukraine

In the first half of 2023, the REAct system documented a total of 2,027 cases of violations of the rights of key communities. Of these, 371 cases were related to the beginning of the full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

In 54 cases, the violators were the occupiers. Among the most common violations: deprivation/theft/destruction of personal property (20 cases), harassment and/or intimidation (15 cases), restriction of access to medical services (10 cases), and physical assault (9 cases).

For brief statistics on the impact of the war on the rights of communities in Ukraine for the first half of 2023, see the infographic below and the website at the link:…/ukrayina-2023-pershe…/…

Remember that every person has the right to receive quality services and decent treatment. If you or your loved ones have suffered a rights violation, contact REAct specialists for free help: