Response stories

The fight against HIV / AIDS denialists

Alina is a client living with HIV. The girl turned to the REActor from CO “100% Life” for help. She sought advice and support in deciding about her next steps in taking ARV therapy.

Alina’s husband is an HIV/AIDS denialist. Therefore, he interfered with and talked Alina out of taking ARV therapy, claiming he did not believe in any diagnoses. He is sure the virus does not exist and all the evidence is fake. The man argued that pharmaceutical companies invented HIV to make good money, and such a diagnosis is made only based on the results of false tests. Consequently, he constantly urged his wife to refuse “the poison” – antiretroviral therapy.

The documentator met with the HIV-positive client and emphasized the importance and benefits of ARV therapy to improve and maintain her health. Additionally, a CO “100% Life” social worker was assigned to Alina to obtain social support services and resume ART therapy. She was also assisted with registering for dispensary registration at the AIDS center. After a medical examination, the girl received the necessary antiretroviral treatment and currently takes it continuously.