Response stories

The client’s rights violation during inpatient treatment

Mykhailo was hospitalized in a health care facility with the diagnosis of TB. Additionally, he was found to have diabetes. During his stay in the hospital, Mykhailo fell into a diabetic coma, which necessitated the urgent purchase of a personal glucometer device and test strips for him. However, the client’s rights to access health services were violated. The endocrinologist refused to write out a prescription, thus making it impossible to purchase a glucometer device and test strips, or book insulin procurements for this health care facility.

With the help of the REAct framework, the client was assisted in accessing psychological support and legal advice. The REActor talked with the physician about the prescription required. As a TB patient, Mykhailo was linked to case management services from the NGO CO 100 Percent Life (Lviv).

Currently, the man is back home and continuing outpatient treatment for TB. Mykhailo started looking for a job, and he is in much better shape mentally and emotionally than he used to be prior to the intervention. He became more optimistic about his treatment outcome and is open to communication with others, ready to face any challenges and cope with all life struggles.