The 2020 REAct report

We bring to your attention a full report on the results of REAct system activities that ensured the protection of key communities’ rights in 2020!

The implementation of the REAct system has demonstrated the significant potential and capacity of civil society in providing assistance and responding to rights violation incidents in the project-sponsored regions. 84 percent of services provided toward resolving 775 client cases were delivered directly by the NGOs where the REActors were located.

According to the recorded data, the rights violations involving vulnerable communities were most commonly perpetrated by state agency employees, i.e., 74 percent of rights violations were perpetrated by police and healthcare professionals. The most frequent violations included denial of access to medical services by the police or health care facilities (36 percent), the second most frequent violation being discrimination/stigmatization (27 percent), followed by physical violence (14 percent).

The documented records provide an evidence base for implementing and expanding effective programs to address human rights barriers to accessing HIV and TB services, developing programs to protect the rights of key communities and increasing legal literacy, and advocacy both at the regional and national levels.

 ICF “Alliance for Public Health” and the REAct  project’s team express their sincere appreciation to the REActors and regional coordinators of the REAct system for their effective response and fruitful cooperation!