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The first open webinar on drug policy was held in Georgia

Georgia hosted its first public webinar on drug policy on January 30. The webinar was organized by FTF as a wrap-up event of the project – It was the first of its kind in Georgia, aimed at collecting and processing objective and relevant information, as well as providing the public with facts based on open sources and uncensored.

The first part of the webinar was devoted to a presentation of the project itself. The second part was a discussion on drug policy to strategize on how to implement plans. One of the national REActors also spoke as part of this discussion, presenting the key results of the system in the country and the challenges faced by clients.

The organization of the webinar was supported by the European Union and the Open Society Foundation. It is important to note that the content of the webinar is solely the responsibility of its organizers and does not represent the official position of the European Union and the Open Society Foundation.

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