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Struggles for justice and privacy in Kyrgyzstan in the context of HIV and discrimination

Gulsana (name changed), living with HIV, faced difficulties in her job as a waitress in a café in the city of N. Conflicts with her brother’s ex-wife led to her becoming the object of hostile attention. The aggravation of the situation reached a climax when Gulsana became the victim of a report to the police. It reflected not only personal disagreements but also information about her health status – HIV and tuberculosis.

The district police officer intervened by visiting Gulsana’s place of work and informing the administrator of her medical condition. This led to her forced dismissal because of the administrator’s fear of being prosecuted as well.

In search of justice, Gulsana turned to a paralegal and together they prepared an application to the prosecutor’s office. A request to prosecute the police officer for disclosure of personal medical data was sent to the police department. As a result of the investigation, the police officer was disciplined in the form of a reprimand. 

This case emphasizes the importance of protecting the rights and privacy of those living with HIV and demonstrates the need to combat health-based discrimination.

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