Response stories

Stigma in the maternity hospital due to HIV status

Oksana is a member of the community of people living with HIV. During her pregnancy, she signed a contract with the maternity hospital and received all the necessary services free of charge. On the last prenatal examination prior to labour, the doctor was unable to examine Oksana due to her health condition. The woman was referred to another gynecologist, who began to demand payment for his services, stating that he was more at risk when examining and supporting childbirth process for an HIV-positive person. Oksana refused to pay the doctor for the services and asked REActor for help.

After consulting with a lawyer of the partner organization, the woman wrote a complaint to the chief doctor of the maternity hospital. Oksana also got advice on further action in such cases and was informed about the Ministry of Health hotline. After the chief physician saw the complaint, he contacted the client, apologized, and assured her that it would not happen again. Further on all services were provided free of charge.